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Bone Grafting Sugar Land, TX

Bone Grafting

We Build the Support Your Implants Need for Success

The quality and quantity of bone in the jaw play an important role in oral health and the success of restoring your smile. When bone deteriorates, due to gum disease, trauma, tooth loss or other factors, the ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants is impaired. Like natural teeth, dental implants require a certain level of bone to be successful. If you have suffered bone and tooth loss and wish to replace your missing teeth with implants, bone grafting may necessary. Bone grafting is a periodontal procedure we commonly perform to rebuild and strengthen bone tissue after bone loss. This not only increases the chance of implant success, it also improves oral function and helps maintain facial shape and contours.

Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone grafting is the process of adding new bone tissue to areas where bone loss has occurred. As periodontal specialists, our team has extensive experience in performing all types of bone grafting procedures, including:

Ridge Augmentation +

Replaces bone lost in the jaw to reestablish natural contours of the jaw and provide support for future implants.

Ridge Preservation +

Places bone grafting material into the empty tooth socket immediately following a tooth extraction, for the purpose of preparing the site for future implant placement.

Sinus Lift (Augmentation) +

Gently lifts the floor of the maxillary sinus cavity to add bone tissue in or around this area. As sinus lift is performed to enable placement of implants in upper molar and premolar sites where jaw bone tissue is normally lacking volume.

Guided Tissue Regeneration +

Incorporates barrier membranes into bone grafting sites to encourage the body to generate new bone tissue without gum tissue interfering with the bone growth.

Exceptional Care Through Advanced Technology

Bone Grafting Sugar Land, TX

It is important to us that each patient experiences comfort, safety and exceptional treatment outcomes. Our team at Sugar Land Periodontics & Implant Dentistry proudly uses the latest in advanced technology, designed to improve precision care and deliver predictable results. We perform bone grafting procedures with PIEZOSURGERY®, a minimally invasive technique that precisely prepares the bone tissue without altering surrounding gum tissue. We also offer sedation dentistry solutions to help you overcome any dental fear or anxiety that may be keeping you from achieving the smile you deserve.

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