Implants Instead of Dentures

Why Do Dentures Begin to Fit Badly?

Implants Instead of Dentures

Implants Instead of Dentures

Do you currently struggle with dentures problems? Perhaps you feel nervous about eating or socializing with others due to worrying your dentures may slip or fall out? These are common issues, and while it is sometimes possible to reline or remake a denture to get it to fit a little better, the underlying problem still remains. This is due to the way the jawbone changes shape after your teeth extracted for dentures.

Once your tooth roots have been taken out, the jawbone gradually reabsorbs, becoming flatter. You will probably notice the bony ridge that used to support your teeth looks less prominent, making it harder for your denture to stay in place. Much of the dental bone loss occurs within the first year of tooth loss, but it will gradually continue to get worse. The problem is particularly acute for lower denture wearers where the stability of the denture relies heavily on the bony ridge for retention.

Using Dental Implants to Secure or Replace Dentures

You can use dental implants to secure dentures, or to replace them completely. If you choose to secure dentures with implants, you will only need a few precisely placed dental implants to hold the denture in position. This helps make treatment extremely affordable. The denture will clip onto special attachments on the actual implants, or onto a bar that is attached to the dental implants. This ensures the denture cannot move around, so you will be able to enjoy a greater variety of foods, and you will no longer need to worry the denture will become loose or move around. You will be able to take the denture out to clean it, and to clean around the actual implants.

Replace Denture with a Fixed Bridge

The alternative is to replace your denture altogether with a fixed bridge. In this case we may need to place a few more dental implants to secure it firmly in position than would be required for a denture. Your bridge will be made from porcelain and should look extremely natural. It can be cemented in position, but is quite often screwed in place. The screw holes are covered up with tooth colored composite resin filling material so they are not visible. The reason this option is sometimes chosen is to enable the denture to be easily removed by your dentist, perhaps for cleaning or other maintenance.

Replacing Upper Dentures

Dental implants are most often used to replace lower dentures, as the retention with upper dentures is often much better so there are fewer problems. However it is perfectly possible to replace upper dentures with implant or an implant retained denture or a dental bridge, but more dental implants are needed to secure the new appliance.

One Major Advantage

This treatment does have one major advantage as the implant denture or bridge will not need to cover up the upper palate. Your new teeth should feel less bulky and will be more comfortable to wear. In addition, you will notice food is much tastier. This is because the upper palate has thousands of taste buds that are normally covered up by an upper denture, so mealtimes should become much more enjoyable.