Sirona Soft Tissue Laser

Sirona Laser Treatment

How does it work?

Inflammation and occasional bleeding of your gums is caused by tartar.   Initially, Dr. Mathur will remove the tartar from the root surface of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler and small instruments.  Then, she will place the tiny fiber, which directs the light energy from the laser, gently in between your gum and teeth.  The light energy helps to reduce the bacteria associated with the disease. After the affected area is cleansed, the body is able to heal itself naturally.

Does it hurt?

Generally, the procedure is virtually painless;however, in order to lessen your discomfort, the area may be anesthetized.  Most patients find that their post procedure discomfort is greatly reduced in time and severity as compared to conventional periodontal surgery.

How long will it take?

The first treatment will focus on scaling and the use of small instruments to remove the tartar.  Then, the laser portion of the treatment will be performed.  Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, treatment may be accomplished in one office visit or multiple visits.  Dr. Mathur will discuss your estimated treatment time when your treatment plan is reviewed.

Does this treatment cost more than traditional gum surgery?

The same billing codes are used for laser treatment and traditional gum surgery. Other factors which may affect the cost include the severity of the periodontal disease and how many teeth are involved. Due to the remarkable speed of the laser, reduced anesthesia, and increased comfort for patients, this new system is extremely attractive to dental practices. You should note, however, that many insurance plans pay for only a portion of the treatment.  Please discuss your payment options with Dr. Mathur’s staff prior to beginning laser treatment. In order to reduce further damage to your gums, teeth, and bone, we recommend that you begin treatment immediately.