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Sedation Dentistry Sugar Land, TX

Sedation Dentistry

Comfortable, Relaxed Care – Without the Worry

Millions of people put off getting the dental care they need for better quality living out of fear or anxiety of the dentist or dental procedures. But avoiding the dentist only invites further oral problems, and even systemic health issues in some cases. At Sugar Land Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we have created a welcoming, comforting environment, which our patients find relaxing and enjoyable. We also offer sedation dentistry options to ensure total comfort during periodontal and dental implant procedures. Our sedation dentistry services include:

Relaxing Sedation Dentistry Options

Sedation Dentistry Sugar Land, TX

Dental fear and anxiety can stem from a number of factors, from traumatic childhood visits to the need for extensive treatment. No matter the cause, our compassionate approach and soothing sedation dentistry options put you right at ease! When you are relaxed and comfortable, your treatment is easier, less stressful and more efficient.

Oral Sedation +

Sedation Dentistry Sugar Land, TX

A prescription sedative medication taken by mouth an hour prior to your visit. With oral sedation, you can receive your care without worry, in a calm and relaxed state, and with little memory of your procedure. Oral sedation is often recommended for mild to moderate anxiety.

IV Sedation +

Sedation Dentistry Sugar Land, TX

Sedative medication administered intravenously, for a deeper level of sedation. Our team brings in a highly trained and certified anesthesiologist for IV sedation cases. With this option, you experience “twilight sleep.” You have little-to-no-memory of your procedure, but technically remain conscious and able to respond to instructions. IV sedation may be ideal for moderate to severe anxiety.

Local Anesthetic +

Sedation Dentistry Sugar Land, TX

Numbing medication administered to treatment areas to block pain and discomfort. Local anesthetic is used alone or in combination with sedation dentistry options.

Change Your Experiences, Change Your Life

Sedation Dentistry Sugar Land, TX

Imagine getting the periodontal or implant care you need, without fear, discomfort or stress! Sedation dentistry services have helped so many patients overcome their fear of the dentist. With sedation, you can get the care you need to improve your oral health, quality of your smile and ultimately your life. If fear and anxiety have been holding you back, we invite you to visit our practice and discover a different kind of dental experience!

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