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Soft Tissue Treatment Sugar Land, TX

Soft Tissue Treatments

Gentle Laser Care Restores Health to Your Smile

Lasers have completely changed how patients experience a number of dental procedures. A minimally invasive approach, laser technology harnesses the power of light energy to gently treat oral issues safely and with greater comfort. At Sugar Land Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we incorporate BIOLASE® and Sirona diode lasers into several of our periodontal procedures. Our board-certified periodontist is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and is highly skilled at delivering exceptional results through laser soft tissue treatments. As a full-service periodontal practice, we perform several soft tissue treatments using the power of laser technology.

Laser Soft Tissue Treatments

Soft Tissue Treatment Sugar Land, TX

Soft Tissue Recontouring +

With this cosmetic periodontal procedure, we use our precision laser to gently reshape the gum line, removing excess or overgrown gum tissue to eliminate the look of a “gummy smile.” This exposes more of the underlying tooth structure to create a better tooth-to-gum ratio and more balanced appearance within the smile zone.

Gingivectomy +

A laser gingivectomy removes inflamed, diseased or overgrown gum tissue to improve gum health. The laser procedure may be incorporated into gum disease treatment plans to reduce periodontal pocket depths and help manage the progression of the disease.

Frenectomy +

A frenectomy is a simple procedure performed to treat a lip-or tongue-tie. With our gentle laser, we eliminate the muscle attachment (frenum) without the need for sutures or scalpels. Frenectomies are recommended when a tight or short frenum attachment interferes with oral function or smile esthetics.

Biopsy +

Our highly specific lasers are used to biopsy areas suspected of pathology with a more conservative, precise technique. Often, we can remove lesions with little-to-no anesthetic and without the need for sutures.

Our team is proud to offer the highest standard of care for your periodontal health and smile. Laser technology has significantly improved the patient experience, allowing us to deliver greater comfort, faster healing and more predictable results.

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