Gum Disease Treatment Testimonial

Becky's Story

Becky Gum Disease TreatmentBecky's shares her experience with laser gum disease treatment

What Was Your Concern That Brought You In?

I was hurting pretty badly and not knowing what was wrong. I was recommended to come here and I was well received.

Becky Sugar Land, TX

We had to take a series of x-rays, of course. I had a cyst in the lower left gum.

Why Did You Choose Dr. Mathur?

I had gone to other dentists and professionals and they just thought it was an infection in the gum, but Dr. Mathur, she discovered it right away. Other people would just give me some antibiotics and look and think that it would clear up, but if I had left this alone, I would have been in big trouble. She was able to see that if anything else was over here or there and then she removed the cyst with a laser.

How was the Treatment Follow-up?

Her follow up while I was at home, she called several times to see if I was alright and if I needed to come in. And one day I just decided that I wanted her to check and I didn’t have an appointment and she said, “come on in.” She took me right away just to look and see if everything was okay. And it was. I was very lucky to have this done in the appropriate way and my recovery was shorter too because of the laser and how effective it was for me.