All-on-4® Dental Implants Testimonial

Eugene's Story

Eugene All-on-4®Eugene shares his experience with All-on-4®

What Brought You to Dr. Mathur?

There are things that my regular dentist could not do. I was beyond regular dentistry.

Eugene Sugar Land, TX

I’ve had the root canals, I’ve had the caps, and I’ve had dental problems my whole life. It just progressed over the years as more and more things happened.

Describe the Procedure You Had Done

I had the All-on-4® procedure done, which is a titanium metal bar that is holding a denture in place in addition to screws going into my upper jaw. The main thing I got from that is that it will be a longer procedure than I’ve ever had done before. Its going be done in stages, but the final stage was a long way away as far as I was concerned.

What was the All-on-4® Procedure Like?

I was absolutely certain that this is what I needed. The only other option was dentures. She did everything she could to relieve me of some anxiety I had. You just stand with the device going around your head and it takes a total x-ray of your jaw. My case was upper and lower and I could see that I had gum and bone problems and there were certain areas for the pins to go in. Dr. Mathur explained to me just where the pins would go in my upper jaw to hold this denture in place.

What Did You Think of Dr. Mathur?

She was very comprehensive. She told me everything I needed to know before the procedure. She is absolutely amazing, easy to get along with, and I thought extremely considerate of all my concerns all the time.