Dental Implant Testimonial

Judy's Story

Judy Dental ImplantsJudy shares her experience with dental implants

What was the Problem that Brought You to Dr. Mathur?

I went to my dentist in Sugarland just for a regular cleaning checkup.

Judy Sugar Land, TX

I noticed that one of my teeth had broken while I was on vacation so I went to have her look at that. So, she referred me to Dr. Mathur.

How was Your Initial Consultation?

When I walked through the door, everyone was so warm and friendly at the front desk, very welcoming. She told me what was going on with my tooth and what my options were, the length of time it would take and the process for building up that tooth. So, the options were a dental implant or a bridge.

Why Did You Choose a Dental Implant?

I already have a bridge, I don’t like the fact that I can’t clean there very well, you know, you have to use one of those little needle-y things. I didn’t want that so I knew the implant was what I was leaning towards. There was a space there and I didn’t want a space so putting an implant with a real tooth was the best option for me.

How is Your Implant Working Out?

Its great—I can eat peanuts again!