Dental Implant Testimonial

Srinivasan's Story

Srinivasan Dental Implants Srinivasan shares his experience with dental implants

Why Did You Come to Dr. Mathur?

Well, when I needed an implant, my regular dentist recommended that I go to Dr. Mathur because he thought highly of her.

Srinivasan Sugar Land, TX

So, he said, “You don’t have to look for anyone else, just go here.”

What Was the Consultation Process Like?

I was put at ease as soon as I came here. Everyone is very nice—the front desk, the nurses, and Dr. Mathur. Everyone is very nice and professional. I had more worries, like how are they going to go way back there to drill. I couldn’t believe they can do this. She told me what she will do to the bone and thread it and place the implant and fix it. I was told exactly what was going to happen.

Describe Your Implant Surgery

The surgery was painless. As I said before, I have a very small mouth, so I don’t know how they could get back there to do all the drilling. The only thing I remember about the surgery was the doctor said, “open your mouth.” Other than that, it went very, very good.  I don’t even know if its there right now.

How Has the Dental Implant Changed Your Life?

Since the implant I tried to eat things that I was scared of before, or at least I used to bite from the other side. Now I don’t even think about it. I can bite from here or any place. It is good that the implant technology is really advanced now. Ten years ago it was a different story— just like my original teeth!