Pinhole Surgical Technique Testimonial

Yvonne's Story

Hiru MathurYvonne shares her experience with pinhole treatment

How Was the First Experience with Dr. Mathur?

Dr. Mathur, when she first saw me, the consultation was very informative. Everything she said was very on key and on track, I had very little questions.

Yvonne Sugar Land, TX

She answered pretty much everything immediately and ensured me that things would go well and that I was a very good candidate for the Pinhole procedure. Very good first experience with her.

What was the Office Staff Like?

The team Dr. Mathur has here is very professional, very courteous. They treat you like a patient should be treated; that is you’re not just a number, another body coming in, you are a patient here. They want to be helpful and they are helpful. I had all the information I needed and knew exactly how much to pay, what the costs would be, what the timeline is, everything that she was going to do, and what the outcome would be. It was very informative. I walked out the office and knew exactly what would happen.

Describe the Pinhole® Surgical Technique Treatment

I came in and again, and she said very calming and relaxing, “Just sit right here, relax, we are going to start the procedure.” They of course started anesthesia and she described again what was going to happen and about two hours later I was waking up and it was done. As far as overall pain level, there was no pain whatsoever. She told me from the beginning that there are very few people who experience actual pain and that she does not prescribe pain medications.

How was Your Experience Overall?

It was just fantastic. I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Mathur and with the experience overall. It was great and I would highly recommend it to anybody.