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Why Choose a Periodontist? Sugar Land, TX

Why Choose a Periodontist?

Dr. Hiru MathurExpert Care for Periodontal and Implant Health

When it comes to periodontal and implant care, seeing a periodontist offers the best possible results for your smile and oral health. Periodontists are dentists who specialize in the treatment of gum disease, soft tissue and bone conditions, and the placement of dental implants. As specialists, periodontists have advanced training, knowledge and experience in treating a wide array of issues related to soft tissue and bone in the jaw. Beyond attending four years of dental school, periodontists complete three additional years of education in the field of periodontics. Experts in diagnosing and treating bone in the jaw, periodontists are uniquely equipped to place, and help maintain, dental implants – the success of which is linked to the health of surrounding bone tissue.

Scope of Practice

Why Choose a Periodontist? Sugar Land, TX

As an established periodontal practice, Sugar Land Periodontics and Implant Dentistry offers the finest care available in a comfortable, state-of-the-art environment. Our very own Dr. Hiru Mathur is a board-certified periodontist and has been improving the periodontal health and lives of patients since 1999. Though some general practices may offer periodontal and implant services, visiting a periodontist for these needs ensures the most predictable, desired treatment outcomes.

Our scope of practice includes non-surgical and surgical procedures and includes a number of advanced techniques we have received specialized training in:

The Highest Standard of Care

Why Choose a Periodontist? Sugar Land, TX

Seeing a board-certified periodontist for your periodontal and implant needs offers the highest standard of care for your oral health and smile. Dr. Mathur has completed advanced training in a number of procedures, including laser dentistry, the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique and the All-on-4® dental implants treatment concept. She is a part-time assistant clinical professor at the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston and runs a continuing education study club to share her knowledge and expertise with local practitioners and their teams. Dr. Mathur and our entire team are proud to provide compassionate care with a personal touch to each of our patients.

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